Preserving time with a click of the shutter

Since childhood, I’ve felt drawn to photography. From the polaroid camera of my brother’s that I sweet talked into becoming my own, to the film-loaded Pentax that my grandfather taught me how to meter – the power and joy that came from freezing time evoked in me an emotion unlike any other. 

For Your Memory and Posterity's sake

My most vivid memories are those that I can tie to a photo – unearthing the moments that would have, otherwise, faded away with time.

You might feel the same – a Halloween costume you’d forgotten all about, until an old photo makes its way into your line of vision. Suddenly, you’re transported – you remember the smell of the station wagon you rode in as your witch’s hat touched the ceiling. The pillow case you used as a candy bag. Laughing a little too hard than was comfortable on a stomach full of candy.

Without those photos, some of our childhood memories might have been lost as we got older. Lucky for us, our families’ own documentarians committed them to memory - for us, and for our children.

Years of photography education has helped me refine my technical skill, but the ability to spot those subtle, “core memory” moments is innate. While you’re meandering through each memorable moment of your wedding day, I’m playing documentarian. I see your otherwise stoic grandpa choking up during your vows, your sister’s smile lines during her speech, your niece twirling away on the empty dance floor. I’m committing them to memory– and to canvas.

Although it may be hard to see the seemingly small moments on your wedding day, when you receive those images, your heart will instantly recognize them. 

Having twins (and twiblings – a story for another day) has taught me to expect nothing but the unexpected. I’ve learned that patience, organization, and the ability to “roll with it,” as my grandfather would say, is the key to a life well lived and a business well run. That said, I can McGuyver my way out of any wedding day problem– whether it be an unexpected hailstorm, or an overstimulated ringbearer. 

Having witnessed countless families coming together to celebrate, I’m always seeking out opportunities to make new memories with my own loved ones while I can.

Let's make some memories

Honestly, It's A bit chaotic and I love it.

My life isn't all champagne and wedding cake - (although, I do love those things.)

Raising four children and running a full-time photography business is, um– a lot. Lucky for me, I thrive on chaos (and a lot of coffee.) Juggling a lot of spinning plates (that are sometimes on fire) is a daily occurrence in my world, and, believe it or not, I’m a much better person because of it. 

Eliza anticipated every moment before it happened. How she managed to capture it all is beyond me! She fit right in with our family and created photographs that have become true treasures to us.”

"Worth her weight in gold!

— Paula

Eliza anticipated every moment before it happened. How she managed to capture it all is beyond me! She fit right in with our family and created photographs that have become true treasures to us.”

"Worth her weight in gold!

— Paula

“That photo is so you.”
Genuine connection, above all else, allows us to create images that capture the essence of who you are. I create my best work when my clients invite me into their lives with warmth and trust. I’ll work to learn what’s most important to you, and use that knowledge as a guide to document your day with intention and reverence.

No forced smiles or strained expressions here. The belly laugh, the giddy excitement, the raw emotion that sometimes sheds a happy tear or two– those are the moments we’ll freeze in time. There will be no question of what the day felt like. Your images will pull you right back into the wonder of it all.

Your wedding photos will never feel dated. Sure, fashion trends may come and go, but your images will always be timeless. The curated moments are marked by natural poses with enough direction to make you feel comfortable, but not constrained. I edit in classic, true-to-life tones that flatter - and reflect the true vision of the day.




I Value and create images that are:

Meet Brooke

For over seven years, Brooke has worked with Eliza in nearly every capacity - beginning as a wedding day assistant and rising to an accomplished associate photographer. She embodies the values of Eliza Morrill Photography and has been closely trained by Eliza herself. refining her photographic style and learning the ins and outs of each wedding day and our business as a whole.

For several years now, Brooke has served as an associate photographer - photographing
weddings for which Eliza is unavailable, or for clients whose budget is a bit more modest. 
While Brooke photographs the actual wedding day. Eliza handles all communication and editing - providing a seamless experience for each client.

Aside from being an exceptional photographer, Brooke also assists in our office - working directly and diligently behind the scenes. A Georgia native, Brook lives with in Columbus with her husband, twins, and dog Benny.

Associate, Second shooter and studio manager

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Alex and frank’s riverside fete

Emmie and Ryan’s
colorful celebration




Morgan and jimmy’s
backyard affair


Eliza Morrill is a fine art wedding photographer who marries candid and curated to create timeless, genuine, joyful imageryBased in Georgia, serving the Southeast and beyond.