5 Reasons to Take Engagement Photos

“Do I really need an engagement session?” 

Wedding planning can be overwhelming (to say the least!) and it’s hard to know what’s necessary and what’s not when it comes to wedding photography. Do I really need three photographers? Bridal portraits? A photo booth? While every situation is different, there’s one thing that every wedding couple can benefit from, and that’s an engagement session.

If you’re on the fence about engagement photos, then read on for our top 5 reasons to take engagement photos:

1.) It’s an opportunity to get
to know your wedding photographer

When you think about it, there’s only one person that you’ll be spending as much time with on your wedding day as you will your fiancée – and that’s your photographer. Let that sink in for a minute, because it’s true!

In most cases, your photographer will be by your side from the moment you step into your suit or dress until the getaway car pulls away from your reception. That said, it’s crucial that you feel comfortable with that person. Getting to know them during your initial consultation and engagement session is the perfect opportunity to feel more at ease on your wedding day. You’ll know that you’re in the best hands – with someone capable and familiar.

Still doubtful? Take it from our bride, Sarah: “Not only did our engagement session help us get more comfortable with Eliza and her creative process, but it also allowed Eliza to learn about us as a couple, which showed through beautifully in both our engagement and wedding photos!”

reasons to take engagement photos

2.) You’ll feel more
comfortable in front of the camera.

Chances are, you and your significant other probably aren’t professional models. That said, it might take a few minutes to get used to having a lens nearby. After spending an hour or two in front of a camera, you’ll be much more relaxed for photos on your wedding day – and you’ll know what to expect!

“My sweet husband is not a fan of pictures, so it was important to me that we had the opportunity to get acclimated and comfortable with our photographer before our big day!” Sarah told us.  “Think of it as a super FUN trial run, if you will!”

3.) It’s a great way to refine your style
for wedding day photography

Did you love those candid laughs that your photographer captured during your engagement session? Were you more partial to the romantic poses? These are great things to learn before your big day — helping your photographer to serve you in the best possible way on your wedding day, and delivering the perfect images to you and your spouse.

“Part of Eliza’s artistry is getting to know the couples and tailoring poses towards them,” adds another one of our awesome brides, Anna.

reasons to take engagement photos

4.) It creates unique wedding collateral

Looking for a save-the-date that stands out? Does your grandma need a photo for a newspaper announcement? Engagement photos can do just that.

5.) You’ll have professional photos
of you as a couple that aren’t from your wedding day

When printing photos for our first home, I was so glad that my husband and I had professional photos together that weren’t from our wedding day. Having other photos to hang on your walls that aren’t in a white dress or tux adds diversity and dimension to your home or office.

reasons to take engagement photos

Have any other reasons why engagement sessions are a great idea? Leave them in the comments below!

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Eliza Morrill is a fine art wedding photographer who marries candid and curated to create timeless, genuine, joyful imageryBased in Georgia, serving the Southeast and beyond.