Courtney + Carter // Georgia Wedding Photographer // Intimate Boho Wedding at Big Eddy Club

The first time I ever met Courtney was on the soccer field. I had never played soccer before, and her mom was the coach. Courtney was a spunky, fast, take-no-crap-from-no-person kind of girl, and she was GOOD. Fast forward who-knows-how-long, and we played together on our town’s traveling team. I was the goalkeeper, and she was my defender. I trusted her like no one else on our team. Teams far and wide knew her name, and they knew that she was a boss. When we hit high school, we played for our varsity team, too. Between school, practices for both teams, traveling to an from out-of-town games (usually in “Coach Jeff’s” car)– we spent a looooot of time together. We played together until I graduated high school and I may or may not have cried at my last game.

I remember the first time Carter came into the picture. We were in high school, in the notorious trailers (our building was being re-built) and she mentioned that he wanted to “go out” with her. She was unsure, but eventually decided on a yes, and the rest is *actually* history… because that was over 10 years ago. Their Brookstone days eventually took them to Athens, their Athens days eventually brought them a furbaby (Ole!), and a Futurebirds song + a proposal on the beach led them to an engagement. To be honest, I really can’t imagine one of them without the other, because they come as a unit in my mind. Carter is a hardworking, music loving, incredibly good + kind guy, and he really does complete Courtney. He’s also incredibly brave, because legend has it that he asked Courtney’s dad for her hand in marriage while Mr. Akers was holding a loaded shotgun (don’t worry– they were hunting, and he said yes.)

Anyway, I’m rambling. C+C’s wedding was perfect because it was just that– their wedding. Intimate, outdoors, surrounded by their closest family and friends. They chose a green, white, and lavender color palette, and it was stunning. Courtney’s dress was so unique and flattering that I had a hard time believing that it wasn’t custom made for her! Her bridesmaids wore floor-length sage green BHLDN dresses and cuffs made by Courtney (did I mention that Courtney is an incredible jeweler? No really, she is a professional jewelry maker and her stuff is all that I wear!). They carried the most beautiful and + aromatic bouquets by one of my new favorite florists, Brooke Anderson. I so appreciated that they trusted me and were willing to take my advice when I mentioned trudging out into a field for pictures, because it truly made all the difference. Adventurous couples + bridal parties are *actually* my jam.

C+C’s ceremony was on the terrace of the newly-renovated Big Eddy Club, overlooking the lake. It was short and sweet, and their reception was full of laughter, a sweet toast by her dad, and some really great music. After the reception, they ran through a tunnel of lavender and drove off in their getaway car (with maybe a few stalls- ha!). We then went on another brief adventure (also trudging through fields to find the best light) and dang, was it worth it– it produced some of my favorite pictures of the day.

They honeymooned in Nicaragua (a surprise planned by Carter!) and no doubt had a blast. Courtney + Carter, I love y’all so much! Thanks so much for inviting me to document your big day. Cheers to a lifetime of bliss!


VENUE: Big Eddy Club
PLANNER: P. Hasting Design
FLORAL DESIGN: B. Anderson Floral Designs
DRESS: Rue de Seine via Village Bridal Homewood
HAIR: Caroline Henderson
MAKEUP: Jill Solis
BRIDESMAID CUFFS: Bent by Courtney
TIES: The Tie Bar


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Eliza Morrill is a fine art wedding photographer who marries candid and curated to create timeless, genuine, joyful imageryBased in Georgia, serving the Southeast and beyond.

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