Sep 5, 2017

Allyson + Scott // Athens, Georgia Wedding Photographer – Tree Room Wedding

Where do I even begin? Allyson is my girl. We met nearly 10 years ago in Athens (aka God’s country) and became instant friends. At the time, she was living a few hours away, and I always looked forward to the weekends she’d come into town so that we (in conjunction with the now-defunct Dream Team) could hang out. Fast forward a few years later, when she moved to Athens to begin her graduate work. And, well, that’s when the real fun began. We lived a mere 40 steps from each others’ doors, shared a feral feline friend (Meatball, duh) and frequently galavanted around Athens, wreaking havoc and good times wherever we went. But more than that, though, we became great friends. Real friends. She is a pal and a confidant, if you will. Many a night were spent on my sofa, eating something delicious and homemade that she just happened to whip up in the kitchen, discussing our days and relationships and futures and lives. To say that I love and cherish our friendship would be a true understatement.

Through all this time, I’ve never seen Allyson quite as happy as she is with Scott. Scott is all of the things that Allyson values – he is incredibly smart, dedicated, kind, enthusiastic, caring – the list goes on. Every moment I spend with Scott only reaffirms what I already know: he and Allyson are truly meant to be.

Photographing their wedding day was an honor and a joy. It’s not often that you get that opportunity, and it was a blast. Allyson and Scott got ready at a friend’s incredible home in Athens (newly renovated and absolutely drool-inducing), where they shared their first look. Which was ADORABLE. Soon after, they exchanged heartfelt vows in front of a small group of family + friends in The Tree Room – one of my favorite venues – before raising glasses to sweet toasts by loved ones. It was simple but beautiful – and, quite simply, perfect.

Next week, these two move to Amsterdam (yes, THE Amsterdam), and I sure hope they have room for me + my brood to come and visit. A+S, I love you to infinity and beyond. Cheers to a lifetime of bliss!




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